You've stumbled onto my portfolio where I talk about myself and more importantly the amazing projects I'm involved in!


Who exactly am I?

My name is Abbas Khan and I'm a programmer specialising in game development. I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire's Computer Games Programming course with 1st Class Honours and I'm currently plying my trade as a Junior Programmer at Playsport Games.

My Origin Story

Unfortunately, it's not as interesting as a certain caped crusader's. I learnt to program at the age of 13 and have been developing, improving and creating since then. Initially learning to program with Java and the Android SDK to create a few simple applications. More recently I've become more familiar with TypeScript & Playfab.

Portfolio Overview

Scheduled Fun

Project Type: Group - Ryan Pedder, Heather Williams, Luke Pedder, Abbas Khan, Emma Goss, Jamie Wedge, Oscar Pullin & Edward Moss

Platform: PC, Xbox One & PS4 (Game)

The project contains the following features:

  • 2 Game Modes - Arcade Mode and Board Mode

  • 15+ Minigames

  • Player Customisation

  • Bright & Colourful Art Style

  • 4-Player Local Multiplayer

  • Multiple Controller Support (Dualshock 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


Project Type: Individual

Platform: PC (Asset Package)

The Wheicle rigging tool has the following features:

  • Full Vehicle Control

  • Multiple Drive Types (RWD, FWD & AWD)

  • Manual & Automatic Transmission

  • Skid Mark Trails

  • Suspension & Anti-Roll Bar Functionality

  • Brake, Reverse & Front Lights

  • Turbo & Exhaust System

  • Basic Speedometer & HUD User Interface

Contact Details

If you've got any questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

I use a couple of different social media platforms and if that's not your cup of tea, please do get in touch via email!