You've stumbled onto my portfolio where I talk a bit about myself and more importantly the amazing projects I'm involved in!


Who exactly am I?

My name is Abbas Khan and I'm a programmer specialising in game development. I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire's Computer Games Programming course with 1st Class Honours and I'm currently looking for an exciting opportunity to get involved in.

My Origin Story

Unfortunately it's not as interesting as a certain caped crusader's. I learnt to program at the age of 13 and have been developing, improving and creating since then. Initially learning to program with Java and the Android SDK to create a few simple applications. More recently I've become more familiar with network programming & Unreal Engine.

Portfolio Overview

Scheduled Fun

Project Type: Group - Ryan Pedder, Heather Williams, Luke Pedder, Abbas Khan, Emma Goss, Jamie Wedge, Oscar Pullin & Edward Moss

Platform: PC, Xbox One & PS4 (Game)

The project contains the following features:

  • 2 Game Modes - Arcade Mode and Board Mode
  • 15+ Minigames
  • Player Customisation
  • Bright & Colourful Art Style
  • 4-Player Local Multiplayer
  • Multiple Controller Support (Dualshock 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


Project Type: Individual

Platform: PC (Asset Package)

The Wheicle rigging tool has the following features:

  • Full Vehicle Control
  • Multiple Drive types (RWD, FWD & AWD)
  • Manual & Automatic Transmission
  • Skid Mark Trails
  • Suspension & Anti Roll Bar functionality
  • Brake, Reverse & Front Lights
  • Turbo & Exhaust System
  • Basic Speedometer & HUD User Interface

Contact Details

If you've got any questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

I use a couple of different social media platforms and if social media is not your cup of tea, please do get in touch via email!