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Q. Can I see some source code?

A. Absolutely! I've placed a selection of my projects into public repositories on BitBucket which you can take a look at here. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make the source code for every project I work on public for various reasons, but I believe the selection available on BitBucket outlines my programming abilities.

Q. Can I hire you or contract with you?

A. Unfortunately, I'm currently employed at Playsport Games & I'm not looking to change positions at this moment. However, I'm always willing to listen & discuss interesting opportunities! Please do get in touch as I may be able to recommend a suitable alternative to myself.

Q. Do you have experience with this software / language / tool / library?

A. This complete list of software and tools I have experience with should answer your question. If the specific software or tool is not listed, then it's likely that I do not have specific experience with it. However, with the assistance of the internet and documentation, I should be able to learn any new software relatively quickly.

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For any other enquiries, please do get in touch via email!

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